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University City

Turf Conversion

This was a design collaboration where my job was to create a new hardscape layout and assist with plant selection.  The existing front porch was small, made smaller by the large ficus trees crowding out the window.  The necessity was a new entrance that was in scale with the house and the front yard.  My goal was to create an enclosed patio that presented partial privacy from the street and sidewalk while still remaining open and inviting.  The plan includes hardscape layouts for both front and backyard remodel.

Plants/Materials: Euphorbia cotinifiolia, Olea europea, African Sumac, Dianaella varegated
Ceanothus horizontalis, Artemisia 'Powis Castle', Dodonea viscosa purpureas (sideyard screen), Mixed-sized cobbles with boulders for natural riverbed 

Landscape Designer

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