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Turf Conversion

My task was to convert a sloped lawn into a two tiered Mediterranean garden.  The garden wall was designed with curves to complement the original Spanish style of the house.  The clients needs were for a drought tolerant landscape containing succulents & color.  The two existing juniper trees provided a foundation for a new Mediterranean plant palette.  This included a mixture of dark green and light green evergreen foliage, with perennial color and bold textured succulents.
Plants/Materials include: Cupressus 'Tiny Tower', Edible Fig, Rosmarinus 'Roman Beauty', Pittosporum crassifolium nanum,  Coleonema 'Sunset Gold', Agave 'Blue Flame', Dorycnium hirsutum mixed with Echeveria, Aeonium, Aloe, Salvia & Poppy.  

Landscape Designer

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