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Point Loma

Coastal Garden

This modern stucco house provided a great backdrop for contrasting and colorful foliage.  Clients preferences were for low water, low maintenance and no succulents.  My biggest challenge was the yard is  located on a coastal bluff that receives a constant cool salt wind.  There was also significant root & sunlight competition from existing mature Pine & Magnolia trees.  Because of the harsh wind conditions I focused on plants that would provide foliage color and texture.  

Plant/Materials Palette:  Arbutus 'Marina', Phormium Tricolor, Coleonema 'Sunset Gold', Leucodendron 'Gold Strike', Echium candicans varegated, Leucospermum cordifolium, Chondropetulum tectorum dwarf,  Dianella tasmanica varegated, Lomandra longifolia Breeze, Festuca glauca, Camellia japonica, Leptospermum 'Ruby Glow',  Westringia 'Blue Gem',  Mahonia aquifolium, irrigation conversion to drip and low flow rotating spray, 3/8" gravel & stabilized DG surfaces.

Landscape Designer

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