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Mission Hills

Color Planters

This front yard needed some upgrades, the planter beds were adjacent to a beautiful Kurapia lawn.  There were some problems getting things to grow, the planter was mostly shaded under a mature Koelreuteria.  Areas with surface roots, use some existing plants.
Install Netafim drip system to coverage specs.
We chose ferns for strong texture, and silver foliage to brighten the shady areas mixed with plenty of foliage color
Gave customer monthly ET information and general watering guidelines to establish a water budget.

Plant/Materials List: Dicksonia antarctica, Woodwardia fimbriata, Astelia 'Silver Shadow', Kaffir Lily, Geranium 'Rozanne', Oxalis vulcanicola, Fuscia bongarten, Ajuga 'Caitlins Giant', Asplenium bulbiferum, Stephanotis jasminoides

Landscape Designer

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